Refrigerant Flow Controls Technology

The benefits we receive from refrigerant flow controls are essential in our everyday life – they keep our homes and cars cool from the heat, our foods fresh, and help us manage temperature controls in a variety of conditions. With refrigerant flow controls technology used in numerous applications spanning HVAC, Refrigeration, Automotive, and other industries, a great deal of effort and energy has been put into devising new methods and solutions to reduce energy consumption and optimize efficiency.


Whether for commercial, residential, or industrial cooling systems, refrigerant is used to absorb and release heat in different stages. With the amount of refrigerant flowing through the system playing a key factor in inducing a cooling effect, controlling its flow is essential in fine tuning the system’s cooling capability and capacity.  Expansion valves are often used to moderate the amount of refrigerant flow available through the system to control temperature based on varying environmental loads along with a pressure feedback system to help maintain the desired setting.


DMQ takes an innovative approach in incorporating semiconductor elements into traditional refrigerant flow control methods to create a unique solution customizable to fit a variety of different applications and systems. From commercial refrigeration to automotive battery cooling, DMQ’s products such as the Modular Silicon Expansion Valve (MSEV) and Universal Superheat Controller/Sensor (USHX) provide a wide range of future possibilities yielding enhanced system adaptability and performance.