Universal SuperHeat Controller/Sensor


The Universal SuperHeat Sensor-Controller (USHX) is a refrigerant superheat measuring device that may be used as a standalone sensor or as a valve controller.

As a Sensor (USHS), the device will measure and report the temperature, pressure and superheat for a multitude of refrigerants. As a Controller (USHC), in addition to the capabilities of the USHS, it can be used to control the Modular Silicon Expansion Valve (MSEV) to maintain a desired system superheat for HVAC/R applications. The hardware is comprised of a MEMS based pressure sensor and an intelligent microprocessing unit.

Special Features include: 

USHX Wire Harness

  • Pressure and temperature sensing device
  • Real-time superheat calculation
  • Palm size compact design with plug and play
  • Precise superheat control when used as a
    controller for MSEV
  • Embedded software with bootloading capability
    that is customizable to customer needs
  • Extensive fault detection embedded software:
    Low/High pressure, Vacuum detected, Low/High
    temperature, etc.
  • Upgradable with future refrigerant database
  • Windows based Graphical User Interface
  • MODBUS RTU Communication Protocol

The USHX wiring harness includes an external temperature sensor, communication lines, power input, PWM output and general purpose wires. Users can utilize MODBUS RTU communication protocol or a Windows based graphical user interface to communicate with the USHX.