silQflo® Silicon Servo Valve (SSV)

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DMQ’s silQflo® Silicon Servo Valve (SSV) is a MEMS-based microvalve that is designed to control flow rates or pressure with high precision and with fast response time. DMQ’s patented silQflo® microvalve technology is an innovative solution to any flow control system. It can be used as an individual unit or as an integrated component of a more complex device. The reduced size and weight of the SSV lends itself to innovative package designs and the inherent proportionality of the actuator makes it ideal for proportional control or, coupled with the Universal SuperHeat Controller/Sensor (USHX) or a similar feedback system, as a servo control valve.
The silQflo® SSV  has enhanced contamination tolerance that is rated to 20/19/16 per ISO 4406:1999 standard.  The SSV chipset has been proven on automotive transmission test to withstand up to 10,000 particles greater than 4µm in size, per milliliter of fluid. The silQflo® SSV directly replaces the Ventilum® microvalve series that was rated to withstand 320 particles greater than 4µm in size, per milliliter of fluid.
36% Smaller Silicon Servo Valve®

36% Smaller Silicon Servo Valve®

 March 23, 2015 – DMQ releases the latest SSV family chipset that is 36 percent smaller in size than its predecessor, PDA-3.10, released in August 2013. The decrease in size opens more avenues in overall weight reduction for compact designs and cost benefits from less material usage. The new chip family is immediately available for customer evaluation. For more information on the new chipset, contact us at enable javascript.