Modular Silicon Expansion Valve

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The Modular Silicon Expansion Valve (MSEV) is an electronically controlled, normally closed and single flow directional valve. It can be used for refrigerant mass flow control for today’s industry-standard HVAC and Refrigeration applications. The MSEV provides precise superheat control and quick mass flow adjustments through a closed loop control methodology achieved with DMQ’s Universal SuperHeat Controller (USHC). Embedded with the silQflo® Silicon Servo Valve (SSV), the MSEV is the fastest responding refrigerant expansion valve in the industry.


Special Features include:

  • UL Listed
  • Fast Response
  • Precise Superheat Control
  • Compact and Light Weight Design
  • Single Footprint for all capacities
  • High Durability and Reliability
  • PWM Duty Cycle Control
  • Cost Effective Electronic Control