Modular Silicon Expansion Valve

The Modular Silicon Expansion Valve (MSEV) is an electronically controlled, normally closed and single flow directional valve. It can be used for refrigerant mass flow control for today’s industry-standard HVAC and Refrigeration applications. The MSEV provides precise superheat control and quick mass flow adjustments through a closed loop control methodology achieved with DMQ’s Universal SuperHeat Controller (USHC). Embedded with the silQflo® Silicon Servo Valve (SSV), the MSEV is the fastest responding refrigerant expansion valve in the industry.


Special Features include:

  • UL Listed
  • Fast Response
  • Precise Superheat Control
  • Compact and Light Weight Design
  • Single Footprint for all capacities
  • High Durability and Reliability
  • PWM Duty Cycle Control
  • Cost Effective Electronic Control