MEMS Microvalve Technology

silQflo™ Silicon Servo ValveValves play an essential role in manipulating fluid flow, particularly in applications where performance precision and efficiency is dependent on the system’s ability to satisfy and maintain a specified parameter. Through incorporation of MEMS based technologies with valves, MEMS microvalves offer a range of advantages over the common solenoid valves used in automotive transmission, air conditioning and refrigeration. This includes:

  • Reduced size and weight
  • Better structural reliability
  • Simplified operational use

DMQ’s patented silQflo® is a specialized semiconductor based microvalve composed of three bonded silicon wafers. It operates using thermal actuator principles to adjust the degree of opening of the valve orifice. Capable of sensing flows at the microfluidic level, the silQflo® Silicon Servo Valve can be used as is, individually, or utilized in conjunction as part of a larger flow control valve, such as the Modular Silicon Expansion Valve (MSEV) or Mobile Expansion Valve (MEV).

In the MSEV, the silQflo® Silicon Servo Valve is used in conjunction with a spool valve to create a device capable of amplifying the current state of the microvalve. As a result, it controls macro scale fluid flow from a micro scale. Using a closed loop feedback system based on pressure differentials between the valve and overall system, the MSEV is ideal for superheat fluid control in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. An accompanying Universal SuperHeat Controller or Sensor (USHX) is available  to use in conjunction with the MSEV, creating an overall seamless adaptable flow control system that is easy to operate, automate, and efficient.