Electro-Hydraulic Flow Control Technology

Electro-Hydraulic Flow Control Technology is a field of technology that introduces electronic elements and control into the operations of a mechanical process and is widely implemented in automotive and industrial applications. Using input signals, such as power or current along with computerized monitoring and control algorithms, the corresponding output response can be more precisely controlled and the performance of the applied mechanism is greatly enhanced.



One of the applied uses of electro-hydraulic flow control technology is in the area of control valves, where the precise control of the fluid flowing into the load is crucial to ensure consistency regardless of the changes in the operating environment. There are currently two main categories of electro-hydraulic flow valves: proportional and servo. While both utilize valve position to regulate fluid flow or pressure, servo valves also employ a feedback system for more precise operation. For instance, proportional valves are open loop and servo valves are closed loop.
DMQ has used its patented MEMS technology to create a unique family of pressure and flow control valves. DMQ’s silQflo® Silicon Servo Valve (SSV) is inherently a proportional device. The valve orifice openings are directly proportional to the power applied.  Environmental conditions determine if it is best to use the valves as open loop proportional valves or as closed loop servo-valves. The silQflo® SSV can be used as a standalone valve for low load applications or as a pilot control valve for high load applications.